AMERICAN HEALTH FRONT! is a program dedicated to providing viewers with information about the most current healthcare technologies available. Each half hour program consists of news reports that educate the public on the newest techniques being utilized in care facilities, and the healthcare specialists using them. AMERICAN HEALTH FRTONT! is the longest running medical news program on network television and has been educating households across the country since 2002. It is produced by Medical Media Group operating out of Colorado and is custom produced for all major television markets.
Our subject matter comes from local doctors, universities, and hospitals. Each broadcast will include news about the ever-changing world of healthcare and medicine, including news reports on a myriad of practices and innovations. This has prompted millions of viewers to seek help and information on the unique range of topics covered on this program.
Each program is a full 30 minutes long and is commercial free. It is broadcast on a local NBC, CBS, ABC, or Fox affiliate, preempting a regular broadcast, which allows AMERICAN HEALTH FRONT! to air in high profile time slots that would otherwise be unavailable.
The AMERICAN HEALTH FRONT! commitment to bringing the world of medical innovations directly into the homes of viewers ¬†continues to make it an invaluable resource in today’s changing world.