“AMERICAN HEALTH FRONT!” has been produced by Medical Media Group since 2002. The program is dedicated to educating the public on healthcare technologies, providing our viewers with valuable information on the latest  treatments and discoveries. Each half hour program consists of news reports that introduce our audience to local health care specialists utilizing current techniques that are changing lives. The program is produced in a commercial free format that allows for a full 30 minutes of content. 
Each program is broadcast on a local CBS, NBC, ABC, or FOX affiliate preempting regular programming to broadcast an exclusive edition of “AMERICAN HEALTH FRONT!” on their station.  This allows the program to air in high profile time slots otherwise unavailable.
We utilize local doctors, hospitals and universities as a source for subject matter and information on each news report. Each report focuses on what’s new and more effective in the fascinating and ever-changing world of medicine and health care.  We have produced news reports for single family practices, group practice physicians, clinics, research centers, hospitals, and major Universities. As a result millions of viewers have sought help and information on the wide range of health care topics covered on these television specials. 
“AMERICAN HEALTH FRONT!” is owned and produced by Medical Media Group based in Colorado. We are the producers of half-hour, public-interest medical television programs, such as the “TO YOUR HEALTH!” medical news series and now “AMERICAN HEALTH FRONT!”. Both series have been broadcast to millions of households all across America.